Euronext Growth Milan Liquidity

Liquidity on Euronext Growth Milan improved as of 2017, also due to the introduction of ordinary Pirs. In 2020, the average daily value traded (CMG) was 104 thousand euros (134 thousand in 2019). From  January 1  to  June 1 2021, the average Euronext Growth Milan figure is 116 thousand euros. In 2020, the Total Turnover (CT) amounted to about 2.05 billion euros, down from 2.91 billion euros in 2019 and up by +3% compared to 2017 (2 billion euros). From  January 2 to June 1 2021, the CT stands at about 1.6 billion euros (1.0 billion euros in the period 2020). The number of days with exchanges on the total of the trading days turns out pairs to 88% in 2021, regarding 82% of 2020 and 2019.